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Knowing God

“Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.” J. I. Packer We get to know God by spending time with Him in the Word and by experienc

The Overflow from the Heart

“Our words are a faithful index of the state of our souls.” St. Frances de Sales It’s important to take care of our hearts, because what is in us will come out, whether we like it or not. When I returned from a mission trip to war-t

Complete in Christ

“You can give up the need to compete in the world-when you accept being complete in Christ.” Ann Voskamp For years my shame kept me from feeling significant and valued. My low self-worth prevented me from seeing and believing who I am thr

Nothing is Impossible for God

  Belief is a truth held in the mind. Faith is a fire in the heart.” Joseph Fort Newton King Saul’s son Jonathan and his armor-bearer were up against impossible odds with the Philistines. But because Jonathan’s faith was groun

Our Life Plan

“You have been given a gift-your life. What will you do with it?” Michael Hyatt Last fall I had the privilege of meeting with a life coach to discover my Life Plan, what God had created me for. Jesus also had a life plan. We can read abou

Slave Versus Son

“I am not yet able to fully believe that where my failings are great, ‘grace is always greater.'” Henri Nouwen There are many nuggets of wisdom in the parable of the lost son found in Luke 15:11-32. Pause for a few minutes and rea

What to Do When Hard Times Come

“The diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor the man perfected without trials.” Anonymous One of the best ways I learn, is by watching others walk through life. I am grateful for the godly group of women with whom I pray with. Ob


  “Beware of anything that competes with your loyalty to Jesus Christ.” Oswald Chambers At times I’ve wondered what holds me back from not fully attaining God’s destiny in my life. Why isn’t there victory in certain are
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“The best of it is, God is with us.” John Wesley I can identify with Gideon’s feelings of inadequacies to fulfill God’s call, in Judges 6:15. “‘But Lord,’ Gideon asked, ‘how can I save Israel? My clan i

Mysteries Solved

“One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God.” Author Unknown I struggled the first thirteen years of my new life as a Christian with being consistent with my time alone with God. My quiet times were hit and miss. A