Our Heart


I have experienced many obstacles in my life which have prevented me from being free to be the person God has created me to be. Fear, rejection and shame have all held me captive and have hindered me from being close to God and others. I began to understand the hurts within my heart, grieve my losses and disappointments, and forgive those who have offended me. Then I  unwrapped God’s priceless gift of grace displayed through His unconditional love and acceptance. The result: my heart was restored and my intimacy with God and others grew. This is why restoring hearts is my passion.

Restoring Hearts Ministry is designed to heal wounded hearts and set captives free for the sake of deepening intimacy with God and others. Our focus is to make broken hearts whole so we can wholeheartedly love and obey God. When our hearts are restored, we’re free to be our real selves. As a result, God is more glorified.

I enjoy mentoring people in the area of emotional wholeness and in their spiritual walk with God. One way I do this is by posting a blog on Mondays at www.restoringhearts.wordpress.com. I also enjoy speaking at Bible Studies and other venues.

I’d like to thank my board of directors, which includes my husband John Donovan, Ryan Borgelt, Craig Fischer, Jill Garton, Tim Schwager and Marylee Vecchio for their wisdom and support of this ministry. Staci Borgelt, our graphic artist makes everything more pleasing to the eye, while Lindsay Warren, our administrator keeps the ministry running smoothly. I’m also grateful for the many talents of Jenny Schwager who photographs and edits for Restoring Hearts Ministry. Last, but not least, I’m thankful for Marylee Vecchio who is our prayer coordinator. All ministry is built upon the foundation of prayer.

My prayer is that your heart is restored and your intimacy with God is deepened. I hope the resources on this website will encourage you to discover the God of grace, who loves you as you are.

Contact Information

PO Box 53  Boystown, NE  68010
(985)-224-3278 (22-HEART)