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The Art of Listening

  “Listening means responding to what you hear.”  Jennifer Dean  The Lord has drawn me to become more like Mary of Bethany, who sat at Jesus’ feet. I’ve asked Him to show me what she looks like. A few weeks ago while prayin
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Be Yourself

“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.” St. Catherine of Sienna As a speaker I am tempted to compare myself with other speakers and I always come up short. I wish I was more charismatic, an entertaining story

Can You Hear Me Now? Part Four: Confirmation

“Anything that doesn’t reflect the character of God is not a message from Him.” Priscilla Shirer We hear God’s voice more often than we realize. If I’m not careful I will miss His gentle nudge, mistaking it for me. I som

Can You Hear Me Now? Part 3: Positioning

“He is most available to those who are most available to Him.” Jack Deere I’ve learned the best way to communicate with a child is to get down on their level and look them square in the eyes. It’s all about positioning. Positi

Can You Hear Me Now? Part One-Purpose

“He reveals Himself to us so that we may know Him, love Him, and serve Him.” John Wimber The first time I heard God’s voice in 1988 was while driving on Grand Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. He called me “Mary.” At the time